The focus of the account of the ‘Konak’ restaurant should be, for sure, the site where the restaurant is situated.

If you get to know even a bit of the past of this region, in whose villages shelter and rest were found by the trade caravans of the Balšićss and Crnojevics, loaded with overseas goods intended for the interior of the country, or the gifts of the hinterland intended for the coastal area, as well as the Zeta nobility with their flocks, you won’t be surprised why this region donated this warm and simple name “Konak” to the restaurant. When you happen to talk to someone who was in the ‘Konak”, which will for sure make you visit us, you will know that this region has crowned us not only with its name but also with the credo of our business:

The Guest is sacred for us, as it has alwayes been on the cliffs of Old Montenegro.

This region in Montenegro has been known under trhe name of KONAK (LODGING) for decades-a place where caravans pass by. The name it inhereted left it at behest the duty to accommodate all chance travellers in our own peculiar manner.
The restaurant bearing the symbolic name, a synonym for tradition of Montenegrin way of living and by far famous hospitality.
Pleasant surroundings, vegetation and above all the comfort of the restaurant distinguish it from others. The environment is relaxing and allow our guests to indulge in the enjoyment of eating perfectly made specialities.
The interior of the restaurant provides a pleasant stay. The “Konoba” (Tavern) in the restaurant with its specific interior lures at the first glass of wine and offers the atmosphere of old times.

You will feel the spirit of traditional cuisines of different regions in Montenegro.

Beneath the top of the Mount Lovćen there is the village Njeguši, famous for numerous specialities like smoked ham, cheese, kastradini (smoked lamb) and sausages. The smoked ham is made of pork and its special flavour comes from the combination of the sea and mountain air and the woods being burnt for its drying.
Unrivaled are for sure the flavors of the lamb prepared under ‘Sač’ (Baking Lid), grilled trout or trout in the local yogurt. The traditional mountain meals like ‘Kačamak’( polenta made of corn flour) and ‘Cicvara’( bread crust with onions and lard) go well with the home-made sour milk (sour cream). ‘Sač’(Sach) is a big metal baking lid having the shape of a shallow bell which is used to cover the dough for bread or the meat to be roasted. Then hot ashes and embers are put over it.The meat stays juicy and the potatoes become enriched with the tase of the meat.
In the Skadar Lake the fish which is caught most of all is carp and small bleak which is then dried because the catch is in large quantities.The specialities of the lake catch include a carp in the clay pot prepared with prunes, apples and quince, a carp roasted on onions, an eel on rice, grilled eel. The smoked carp is highly rated. However, the flavor of dried bleak, lightly fried or boild or prepared on a salad is remembered for a long time.

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