S.o.o. No limit Co. was established on 14 Aug 2000.

The activities of the Company include production, trade, export and import of goods and services, retail and wholesale trade and manufacturing activity.
Further, the Company deals with Food and Drink Services (Catering) as one of its major activities. The restaurant “Konak”, an independent food and drink complex has been doing business within the Company since September 2002.
So far, we have erned our trust by numerous home and foreign guests who have been very pleased by our hospitality and services.
Thanks to our persistance and trust in success, from the moment the “Konak” was just a project of a few enthusiasts, until today, we have been working very hard to make our dream true. We have managed to improve the interior and exterior, as well as the complete service of the restaurant.

RESTORAN KONAK - phone +382 67 398 000 - restorankonak@t-com.me